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Welcome to join the community of Certified Nursing Assistant to help you more about the Training and Certification! As a CNA working in United States for more than 15 years, here is the place for you to discover more about CNA including career prospect, certification, training, classes, courses, and other facts and truth in nursing/healthcare industry.

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Many people are curious to know what CNA is all about and whether it is something that they would be suitable in. Do you have the right personality and requirement to become one? Or what educational background and qualification you need to excel? Or more specifically, what are the job description and daily routine of a CNA? Before deciding to jump start your career, it is important for you to get some professional answer here! First of all, most people misunderstood the role of a Certified Nursing Assistant with Nurse, although they might sound similar, but they are not equivalent. In healthcare or nursing industry, we are packed with all the professionals including surgeon, physician, ultrasound technicians, consultant, Phlebotomist, registered nurse, radiology technician,surgical tech, licensed nurse, and finally certified nurse assistant. A certified nurse assistant plays a crucial role in the downstream of medical field, in other words, they are the frontier would directly deal with the patients in clinic, nursing home, or hospital on daily basis. CNA is crucial backbone of medical industry to support the overall functionality in any healthcare operation.

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So the next question that you would be interested is, do I have what it takes to become a CNA? Let check out some of the following criteria to help you understand the personal traits and characteristics of most CNA:

1. People orientated with compassion Majority of your time spent being a CNA would be dealing with the patients, so it is extremely important that you liking to deal with people – more specifically patients –imagine each of them is suffering from certain kind of pain. As a professional CNA, you would need to always be in the patients’ shoes to understand their pain and need in order to really help them solve the problem. If you never ever like to take care of your sick family member, then most probably CNA is not something for you. Try something else.

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2. Delicate and detail oriented It is not hard to imagine that in your daily job routine you would need to deal with hundreds of patients, if not thousands of them. As a certified nursing assistant, one of your responsibilities is always to ensure that the need of patients is well taken care of with details. Any minor mistakes or recklessness might result in serious consequences to the patients, or even the matter of life and death. A CNA would need to be observant enough to find out the abnormality of the patient from their expression, behavior, or other non-verbal cues to report any emergency or potential medical attention needed.

3. Patient and efficient Always remember that different patients would have different personality, thus different method of handling them. Some might be co-operative, but some might give you awful experience dealing with them. The bottom line is: always be patient and smile to them and understand where they are coming from. Besides, CNA would often need to work other the pressure of tight schedule, thus required them to work efficiently and systematically. Not only dealing with patients, a Certified Nursing Assistant would need to deal with other medical professional including co-workers, supervisors, and physician, thus they need to prioritize and plan their work well. Professionalism, efficiency and compassion are most crucial indicators of whether you would be a good CNA in long run. Be frank to yourself to see if you are missing any one of them, then probably CNA is not something for you. If you are a people oriented person like to make a difference on patient’s life, then this might be a good career path for you.

CNA training Procedure

Should you undergo CNA Training
Interested to become a professional Certified Nursing Assistant? I would like to share with you some of my personal experience being a CNA. Check out the following article that would help you to understand more about the related training that might be helpful for you to understand more. A person who holds the title of a Certified Nursing Assistant works under the supervision of the doctor. They get trained in the performing various tasks in the hospital setting. The job responsibilities of the certified nursing assistant working for a hospital, medical center, medical offices and nursing homes are listed below.

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The Job Responsibilities of the CNA are:

  • They need to record the important signs of the patient like temperature, blood pressure and pulse rate.
  • They must observe the patient’s condition and note down the signs.
  • Helping patients to take bath and change dress.
  • Setup meal trays and direct the food amount to the patients based on the patient conditions
  • Keep the hospital place keep and tidy.
  • Moving the patients to diagnostic tests
  • Submit the case sheet to the physician while he is on rounds.
  • Reporting about the patient condition to family members and provide moral support to them.

The CNA training program is offered by several medical colleges and nursing schools. The certified nursing assistants has vital role in enhancing the patient’s health condition and help them in recovering soon. It is a good career for the individuals who have completed their high school. The cna training period is very less and the applicant can have huge openings in the medical field due to increase in the number of hospitals.

Certified Nursing Assistant Training Program: The individual planning to become certified nursing assistant need to enroll for a course or program and after completing the course, the applicant can take the test that is conducted by the state board. The other names for the certified nursing assistant are medical aide, patient care technician, nurse aide or home health aide. The rigorous training that they receive while attending CNA certification course help them to enter the medical field and start the work straight away. The CNA specialists can even serve their sick children, parents, relatives and work for charity trust by conducting camps. The basic requirement needed for an individual to take the CNA course is high school diploma or graduate equivalent diploma (GED). The CNA training includes two parts as the candidate needs to go through the two parts to clear the exam and get certified.

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Part 1: The first part of the CNA training program involves the oral teaching in the classroom. In this part, the students learn the theoretical concepts related to patients care as lectures, audio clips and presentation. Choosing the right CNA Class is very critical otherwise you will end up wasting your money and time.

Training program Part 2: On successful completion of the classroom training, the students can go to the second part of the training course that is clinical training. The students will work with patients in health care centre or medical office under the supervision of registered nurse. A group of 10 students are allotted to each registered nurse and she analyzes the performance and submits the report to the institution. During this period you can learn and execute the various tasks performed by the certified nurse assistant.

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CNA Certification – Is It Necessary ?

CNA Certification is perhaps another most popular question that most people will ask before deciding which classes to go after, or even before deciding whether or not to pursue career as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Regardless of your motivation, I would like to share with you more about CNA certification to help you make better decision. What is CNA certification? You can consider it as a recognized credential for registered nurses who fulfill basic nursing practice requirement, and exam test criteria. CNA is renewable every five years, thus ensuring the stringent competence in a nursing specialty that is frequently up-to-date with the latest practice. In other words, as a certified CNA, you are considered a medical professional and free to practice your career all around the world.

Certification exam:

  • On finishing with the clinical training, the individual needs to take exam for acquiring certification. The exam is conducted by the Prometric, a recognized organization by the State Board of New York to conduct the CNA exam.
  • The test is divided in to two parts. The first consists of the question with multiple choices and the other part is the practical exam that elevates the knowledge of the person. Some amount must be paid in favor of the board that conducts the exam.

What is the importance of CNA Certification?
As a qualified professional CNA, you would demonstrate specialized skill in nursing area to public and professional healthcare body, including patients and employers. Thus this is important for you to prepare and pass the exam that requires specialized, continuous learning, knowledge and skills in nursing industry. Some benefits of certification include:

  • Better recognition for potential employment in healthcare/ nursing industry
  • Wider career opportunity and options locally and globally with such preferred qualifications.
  • Equivalent to a university recognized degree
  • Higher monthly and annual salary with more reimbursement and benefits
  • Qualification to mentor and share your knowledge to junior nurses.
  • Faster career progression and promotion opportunity.

According to statistics from Canadian Nurses Association, the network of CNA is expanding very rapidly with more than 20,000 specialized nursing and healthcare bodies. So it is certainly a wise decision for you to get CNA certification if you are serious to make your career progression in nursing and healthcare industry. As a certified nursing assistant, I certainly recommend you get certified as soon as possible to earn yourself credibility and valuable skills.

Opportunities For Certified Nurse Assistants: The individuals after acquiring CNA certification can find employment opportunities in several places such as

  • Nursing homes
  • Old age homes
  • Hospitals
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Drug rehabilitation center
  • Nonprofit organization
  • Private homes
  • Conduct camps in schools, charity homes and health care agencies.

Due to rapid increase in the hospitals that offer medical care services, the demand for the certified nursing assistant has become more. It is estimated that by 2019, there will be around 19% increase in the jobs of nursing assistants. When you are employed by the hospital they will pay for your CNA course and provide stipend even tough it is less amount. The person on gaining handful of experience can draw huge amount of salary.  Some nursing assistants advertise their services and plan to work independently to make more money. The individual with strong desire to serve the people can choose this path and tasks assigned are rewarding and challenging.

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  1. Hello , i am an auxiliary nurse i live in the Bahamas. I would like to do your course for a certificate to show that i am certified. I worked for many years with nurses who are qualify and watch all of the credit go to them, i feel good knowing that i was apart of making someone’s day better; but now i feel it’s time for me to get certified.

  2. hello!!! I’m Ranjeeta Lama I want to join CNA course. As I live in Lorton, VA where can I go to join as near by me.

    • Hey Ranjeeta
      You can inquire in your local nursing hospitals for CNA training programs. However if you are interested in getting college grade education Medical Careers Institute VA is very good but bit costly.


  3. My name is Azeb Bezabeh,i am Ethiopian and born on 04/05/1966 ec.I live in Milan /Itali/,completed high school education in Ethiopia. I am interested on cna training . I am ready to start on september if you can tell me the name of the hospital and the fee . Thank you very much

  4. I recently graduated with my MBA in Management and Marketing from Indiana Institute of Technology June 2013 and looking to complete the CNA program offered. I am currently receiving unemployment benefits and government assistance to get by. I have been unable to find a job because I either poses to much experience or not enough in specific areas though I hold an advance degree. I am hoping to complete this program so that I can gain experience in this large growing industry and combine my management marketing experience in an area that will allow me in the near future to operate as a Marketing Manager/Director at a long term care facility or a Activities Director. Please contact me immediately to let me know what I have to do to get started in this program.

  5. Would like to know more information about taking the CNA classes to become certified. Looking forward to hearing from at your earliest convenience.


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