Accelerated Nursing Program

Most of the nursing degree graduate would consider further pursuing their nursing education be either going for the Accelerated Nursing Program, Master Degree, or even a Ph.D. The accelerated program being one of the most popular among all the young graduate, due to its fast track nature that enable one to complete the program as little as one year. This article aims to discuss some of the key program nature, prerequisites, and benefit of embarking a career in nursing industry.

What is the Nature of Accelerated Nursing Program?

As the name suggested, student in this fast track program would need to cover and pass a range of curriculum in a short period of time, normally between 12 months to 18 months depending on personal schedule preference. In this program, student would be expected to master wide topics including pharmacology, human anatomy, physiology and other administrative courses under a very packed schedule. Thus, the student would need to have strong discipline and commitment to do their self-study and revision most of the time to succeed in these training classes.

What are the Requirements for Accelerated Nursing Program?

One of the key prerequisite to get accepted into this program is a recognized bachelor degree in a non-nursing industry. Most of the school would prefer student with cumulated score above 3.0 in their degree, and the higher score that you have, the higher your admission chance into the program. It is advisable for student to do some background research of the school before applying for them to check whether they fulfill the requirement.

Some foundation and background in science subject would be beneficial for the student to grasp the topics better, as most of the classes covered in the program are biology related. Some of the relevant courses would cover anatomy, physiology, cell biology, molecular biology, psychology, as well as communication. Such range of topics would suggest the fundamental responsibilities that a nurse need to master to excel in her career.

Do note that different program would have different requirement for admission, for example, some school would prefer accepting student with social science background, while some would prefer biological science background. Hence it is always safer for you to check with your local school to find out more details from them first before making any decision to apply.

What are the Advantages pursuing Accelerated Nursing Program?

With the increasing ageing populating in United States, one might expect the human resources required in healthcare and medical industry to increase exponential in recent year. Owning a good nursing degree or higher qualification is a ticket for you secure a job in wide areas in the healthcare industry, ranging from hospital, medical institution, and non-profit organization. According to the statistics from US Bureau, the demand for new nurses is expected to boom to 600,000 by 2018 and 800,000 by 2020.

The next thing would be the salary and remuneration in nursing industry. As the backbone of the healthcare industry, the annual average nurse is expected to increase to more than $70,000 by year of 2012. With higher education and working experience, one would expect higher salary with greater career advancement opportunity.

Some other considerations

The cost of the nursing degree is another consideration before one would decide to pursue further with the program. Most of the universities and college are charging an average annual school fess of $100,581, or you might consider online nursing degree with approximately $125 per credit hour. Depending on the program that you are in, most of the program would require around 175 hours of credit hours.

In summary, one would need to consider the pros and cons of pursuing the Accelerated Nursing Program, including the career advancement opportunity, salary, and the cost of programs. If you are looking for a long term career prospect in healthcare industry, this program is certainly worth your time and money investment.

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