CNA Certification In Florida

The State of Florida offers various ways that an interested individual can obtain their CNA certification as well as for entry level health care employees that wish to take their career to the next level. The State of Florida CNA Certification Program has been arranged and organized to offer a variety of options during the educational process. There are various technical and community colleges that offer the CNA program with different course lengths and other options for obtaining your certification. Florida CNA programs vary in length from as fast as 8 weeks to as long as 6 months.

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State of Florida CNA Course Curriculum

Like the majority of states, Florida has a basic classroom portion of instruction that covers the general knowledge base of information that is required for the written portion of the state medical board exam. The basic courses include medical terminology, basic life saving skills, taking and recording of vital signs, patient care and hygiene principles, feeding patients, nursing theory, and other essential knowledge base applications that are required to become a Certified Nursing Assistant in the State of Florida.

State of Florida CNA Exam Components

As with most other states in the U.S., Florida has two parts to their state CNA exam. The first is a written portion which covers all classroom principles and educational lecture. There are hundreds of questions that are compiled into a database and 75 are randomly drawn for the students’ written portion of the state exam. Each question is weighted with a point value and the harder the question, the more value it has. A minimum score of 80% is required to pass this portion. After successfully completing the written section a practical exam ensues. There are 25 job related practical skills of which 5 are randomly selected for the student to perform. This portion is timed and each skill has minimum percentage requirements for successful completion and a cumulative percentage is required overall to pass and receive certification.

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State of Florida CNA Advantages

Aside from the accomplishment of continuing ones education and successfully completing a state certified medical licensing course, the CNA is in growing demand in Florida. CNA’s make an average of $8000 year more than entry level health care employees that do not have the certification (as per this site). By being certified there are more opportunities to obtain employment either in a public setting such as a hospital or nursing home, or in the private sector assisting patients at home for extended illnesses or post surgery necessities. The health care employment opportunities are growing rapidly in the State of Florida and interested and motivated parties should take advantage of this chance to gain a state certification.

Having a license is great for any occupation, especially in the health care industry. Becoming a CNA is a stepping stone to becoming a full certified nurse. Interested students or health care employees should pursue this avenue in order to meet their desired goals. With education comes opportunities and individuals looking for this in the nursing field can use this chance to start their journey in the nursing industry.