Certification for CNA – How to Go About It?

Unlike other career paths, becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant, also known as a CNA, does not involve years of school and mountains of education loan debt. In fact, CNA training is some of the quickest around and, in many cases, students can receive this training completely free of charge. Getting a certification for CNA work is therefore a great choice for career advancement, especially since people with such a certification and a few years of experience typically are eligible for more responsible positions and higher pay.

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The first step to achieving certification as a CNA is to locate an appropriate educational program. Most often these are provided by hospitals or nursing centers, but they can also be found at technical colleges and vocational schools around the country. All things considered, the programs of CNA training offered by hospitals are probably the best as they provide the greatest breadth of experience and are typically offered without charge in exchange for the student agreeing to work for the hospital for a prearranged period of time.

Certification for CNA – What You Should Know

If such a hospital program is not available, however, the student can still complete the necessary training at a vocational school, or may even choose to take their courses online. As the Internet has become increasingly sophisticated, more and more accredited institutions are offering online learning options, and these can be great for CNA students who do not live close to a suitable facility offering a training program.

Regardless of how the training is delivered, the student must typically complete 75 hours of training in order to be considered eligible for certification for CNA work. The journey is not complete at the end of the 75 hours of training, however. The student must pass the certification exam in order to be qualified to begin work.

Certification for CNA – The Exam

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The CNA exam is typically administered at a predetermined time and place that is generally scheduled by the student’s trainer. The test consists of two portions: written and clinical. The written portion reviews subjects covered in class, many of which relate to common sense issues and matters of protocol. It is the clinical portion that most students find nerve-wracking. The test administrator will ask the prospective CNA to perform basic nursing skills and grade them on their performance.

The certification for CNA jobs is a rigorous process. However, most CNA professionals believe they fulfill a vital and necessary role in health care.

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  1. I have already completed 2 years of a four year RN program and had heard I can skip the classes and just take the test as long as I have a note with the record of my courses and clinical hours. I can not find anywhere how to just sign up for the exams. Can someone help me please.

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