CNA Certification in California

The State of California; like most other states, has its own adopted rules and procedures for the certification process to be a licensed Certified Nursing Assistant.

The process is presided over by California’s Department of Public Health’s Aide and Technician Certification Section. This agency has decided that 50 hours of nurse theory and 100 hours of practical nursing skills are the minimum requirements for the states CNA program. The classes that are taken under these allotted hours and knowledge gained will be sufficient to perform the task of a California Certified Nursing Assistant.

Some of the items that are covered are taking and recording of vital signs, disease control and proper personal protective practices, medical terminology, patient care and hygiene, and other basic nursing skills. The State of California has determined this to be a suitable curriculum for the Certified Nursing Assistant Program.

California CNA Certification Costs

The program tuition’s fee can range from $600 to $1000 but this is all inclusive with books, uniforms, and any other required materials. There are also a multitude of facilities that offer the CNA program for no charge throughout California but they require CNA students to sign on with a company and agree to work a designated amount of time for them after successful completion of the state certification testing process. Either way the small investment is worth it because the California Department of Employment Development has projected that there will be nearly a 22% growth in this industry between 2006 and 2016, with a hiring average of almost 3100 people a year. CNA’s make an average of $13.00 an hour or $30,000 a year.

CNA Certification Options

The State of California Certified Nursing Assistant Program is offered through various educational, vocational, and medical facility means. There are 24 such arenas in California located throughout the state. Some are actual medical facilities that offer an in house educational and practical skills training department while others are traditional technical schools or community colleges that offer classroom instruction and practical skills education and enhancement. A quick internet search will yield the closest location to those interested in CNA certification along with course descriptions and curriculums. For those that already work in the health care industry or in medical facilities may find that they can receive their educations at their current workplace. No matter which path is decided upon, obtaining your CNA certification is a great step to take in the progress of your career.

The State of California has established these parameters to ensure that no matter where you reside at in California and no matter how you receive your education; it is all uniform and consistent so everyone receives the exact same instruction. The test questions are all randomly selected from the same question bank as well as the practical skills section to ensure equality throughout all exams. The certification process allows the entry level health care professional to take another step forward in his or her career by offering a state facilitated medical license. The CNA certification is designed to allow interested Californians the opportunity to fairly and equally enhance their careers.

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