CNA Certification in New York, NYC

As with most states New York has established its own set of rules, guidelines, and general protocol for their CNA program. The State of New York Certified Nursing Assistant certification program is offered throughout the entire state at various medical facilities and technical or community colleges. All course must be a minimum of 130 total hours split between classroom education and practical skills development and training.

Course Content

The material that is covered through state approved training courses is becoming rather universal as each state has a syllabus containing most of the same content as every other state. The State of New York has committed training to cover basic nursing skills such as taking and recording of vital signs, medical terminology, patient care and hygiene, patient feeding, basic life-saving skills and procedures, and application and principles of personal protective equipment. The nursing theory segment covers all basic nursing elements and prepares the student for the State of New York CNA written exam. The remaining course time is in the instruction of how to properly conduct the practical skills portion of the state exam. This is as essential as the written part not only because they both have minimum score requirements to pass and receive certification, but this is the business end of the course training. The practical skills cover your job duties and it is imperative that a student show that he or she is proficient in the required skills of a State of New York Certified Nursing Assistant.

Career Advancement

Any entry level medical care professional or student that desires a career in the nursing field should make the attempt to pursue the CNA certification. The State of New York Certified Nursing Assistant program offers any interested New Yorker the opportunity to advance their nursing career by obtaining an entry level state medical certification. As with any state licensing procedure there are a minimum number of instructional or classroom hours and mandatory testing. Since the State of New York doctrines the requirements for education it also recognizes the motivation of the student who is doing so by providing this first step towards a rewarding career in the health care profession as a nurse.

CNA Consistency in New York

New York has educational facilities that offer 32 daytime session schools or a choice of 43 nighttime programs. This makes for a total of 75 programs statewide, but each is 130 hours and teaches the exact same curriculum. Unlike other states, New York has set its CNA parameters not with a minimum, but with a consistent agenda for the entire state. Other states set minimums and allow for longer or more intense education, but New York allows for only the 130 program.

Education, discipline, and training are paramount to a successful career in any field, but the health care profession needs to have a consistent training and education program so that students statewide can all receive the same instruction, take the same state exam, and have the same opportunities as any other individual who wishes to become a CNA and continue or advance their career.

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