CNA Certification Requirement

A Certified Nurse Assistant is in great demand and pursuing this career is a wise move. There are CNA certification classes which will give you the requisite training in becoming a CNA. These classes are also available online for those who are already employed and want to have the convenience of having a flexible study schedule. One needs to have a high school diploma or an equivalent like GED to be eligible for joining any class. The candidate has the option of choosing between part time and full time programs, and these classes are usually available in community colleges, and also at various hospitals and branches of the Red Cross.

cna certification requirement

The syllabus and training of the certification will vary according to the laws and guidelines that are laid down by different states. You need to enroll for accredited certification program in the state in which you are planning to work. Generally the total duration of the classes are for a period of 75 hours and will include at least 16 hours of practical training from experienced health professionals. The most reputed CNA certification classes are run by the Red Cross and are usually conducted by a Registered Nurse (RN). These classes cover a lot of topics which will include health law, fundamentals of nursing, medical ethics, health care and so on. On the practical side the classes will teach the candidate how to handle a patient properly. He will learn how a patient has to be bathed, turned and the main mechanics of lifting and handling the patient. Other practical aspects covered are how to feed a patient, apply dressings, preventing bedsores, controlling infection, proper care of the catheter and other practical topics that concern the day to day routine care of the patient. The certification classes will culminate in a test which is divided into two parts. The first part is a written test comprising of questions to test the knowledge of what you have learnt. The second part is to test your practical skills and the candidate will be asked to perform any of the nursing care procedures he has learnt. This test is conducted by the state and is crucial in getting the license to practice as a CNA.

Therefore it is important to enroll in reputed program which gives the best certification , so that you are well prepared for this exam in every way.

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