CNA Certification Test

A nurse assistant must be certified in order to practice in the field. She must attend the certification programs. After completing the training programs, she must write the certification exam. The certification exam consists of two parts. One part consists of theoretical test and the other consists of practical test. In the theoretical part, the student will be asked about important medical concepts that have been covered in the course. The other part of the exam consists of a practical test in which the person is asked to look after the needs of the patients which can include washing etc.

When a job applicant passes the certification exam, she can work in any state of the US.

CNA CertificationOnline classes are also available for those who cannot attend ordinary certification programs. Free classes are also available in the Red Cross. The job applicant can also read books and take a CNA practice exam. The practice exams help the person to prepare for the forthcoming exam in advance. It is very useful as a person gets exposed to the questions likely to appear. One can also follow various guides for weight loss as it a very important question in the exam. Sites like are really helpful.

It is important for a candidate to prepare herself physiologically for the exam. Before taking the exam, she should fill an application form at the licensing authority. She has to sign it and send it to the licensing office. The verification training form should also be filled by her. The application form is then sent to the nurse aide registry in order to get the license.

Requirements of the CNA

In order to become a CAN, the job applicant should have a high school diploma. She has to attend a CNA training program. Online courses are also available. A student must have at least seventy hours of training. Twenty four hours of practical classes are given. Theoretical instructions are also given.

For becoming a CNA, the following requirements are

  • Good health
  • A high school diploma
  • A  good background
  • Good English speaking skills

Skills of the CNA are

  • Helping the patient with his or her daily requirements.
  • Monitoring the vital signs of the patient like blood pressure, pulse, respiration etc.
  • The ability to given cardiopulmonary resuscitation and first aid.
  • Helping the patients to move and positioning them.
  • Feeding techniques.
  • Cleaning the patient’s room.
  • Preventing the spread of infection.

Outlook of the CNA

There are plenty of opportunities for the certified assistant nurse. Knowledge of emergency procedures is very important. The assistant nurse should remain calm even in stressful situations. She must help the patients to move around and look after their daily requirements.The certified nurse assistants are employed in hospitals, clinics and health care facilities. For the field, five hundred thousand additional employees are required. The field is good for those who are willing to look after the needs of patients. When the job applicant joins the field, she can be assured of having a bright future.

The CNAs may leave the field to become nurse practitioners or registered nurses. This results in more job opportunities for the assistants.The salary of a certified nurse assistant can depend on her education, skill and place of work. The lowest salary is given to the assistants at entry level. The salary of a certified nurse assistant in California is $24,000. In Texas, the salary given is $20,000. In Florida, the salary given is $27,539. It is important for the job applicant to have an experience at a medical center. For those who do not have an experience, the pay is $25,290. If the nurse assistant has four years of experience, she gets $24,921. If she has twenty years of experience, she gets a pay of $29,903.

A certified nurse assistant must be psychologically prepared for the field. She must be willing to perform any kind of task given to her. When she assists the medical staff in performing normal tasks, it becomes easy for them to perform medical tasks.The work place of the CNA is well lighted and clean. She has to work throughout the day. She has to look after the patients with care. Most of the patients need care throughout the day. They may not be able to move or perform important tasks. They need the help of the nurse assistants. Vital signs of the patients like blood pressure, weight and pulse rate are taken. The service of the assistant nurse can be vital in saving the life of the patient.

18 thoughts on “CNA Certification Test

    • Hey Yolanda
      No you can take the test online however you can prepare for the course online and give certification exam later on. However you will need to have some clinical experience in order to pass the exam.


      • I have completed a 2 Yr. Region A Nursing Consortium in RN program. I have been a Certified CNA in NC and would like to sit for the test in the State of FL. Can you please advise. I am hoping to just be able to take the exam since I am currently working as a CNA. Thanking you in advance for your help in this matter. Respectfully Submitted.

  1. Hi i would like to take an cna exam online i already take a training program on Hillendale Home care program.I already take exam w/ the Red Cross but i fell.

  2. I am a practicing CNA in Missouri. I plan to move to Kansas, will I need to do anything with my certification before I can work in Kansas?

  3. Hi so in Highschool I took and passed my classes and clinical s to take te cna test however I we t a different way. Now I am wondering cn I use that as my classes and read up and take my exam? Or do I have to have recent classes

  4. I have completed 2 years of a 4 year RN program and was told with a record of my courses and clinical hours I could just sign up and take the test without having to take additional classes. Does anyone know how to go about it?

  5. If I took CNA classes when I was in high school approximately 12 years ago and passed only the theoretical test and not the practical test; can I only retake the part I didn’t pass?

  6. I have taking the CNA course and passed, and I worked as a CNA for several year but I did not get my certificate renewal because I went into another field what do I need to do to become certify again. Thanks

  7. What and were should I start I have been certification 1986 expired 1991 I have allways worked as a nurse provider currently and present .

  8. If I graduated high school cna certified but never took the exam is there a way I can just take the exam without having to do more courses or classes?

  9. Hello,
    I was wondering if I did not Graduate High school if I would still be able to take CNA classes and still become Certified. I have heard Yes and No .. Please let me know I am very interested in starting this field and would love to do it.
    Thank you for your time

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