CNA Certification Verification

It isn’t hard to get your CNA Certification through the verification process. When you become a certified nursing assistant, you will receive a licensing number and paperwork.  This information shows that you have completed all necessary requirements to work as a nursing assistant.  Your certification information will tell you when your certification expires.  You will need to keep careful note of this information to ensure that you always renew your certification before it expires.

cna certification verify

An employer will use CNA certification verification before hiring you for employment.  In some cases, they will simply ask to see your paperwork.  They can get your certification number and any other information.  An employer can also use a CNA verification system.  There are third party verification providers who will check to make certain you are actually certified.

Employers can also check your status with the nursing aide registry in your state.  They will be able to make certain you are certified.  They will be able to verify that your certification has not expired.  Many states offer these services online which makes it easier than ever to verify a nursing assistant’s information.

You can use CNA certification verification if you have lost your papers and are unsure as to when your certification expires.  You can also use verification if you have not worked as a certified nursing assistant for a while and are unsure as to whether or not your certification is still valid.
Check the nursing aide registry in your state to see if they offer online services.  You can often check the status of your certification by entering your name and other details.  If this is the case it will be easy to pull up your information.  You can easily request a new copy of your certification number and paperwork.

Your verification can be sent to your email address or your mailing address for your records.  If your state does not offer registry details online, you will need to make a trip in to the local registry office.  Do not worry if all paperwork is list and you do not know your certification numbers or dates.  Your information can usually still be verified.
Take your driver’s license with you or another form of photo identification.  Know your social security number.  Provide this information at the registry office to help verify your identify in order to receive information on your certification.  You can be provided with validation as to whether or not your certification is still active.

how to verify cna license

Ask for guidance on what to do if your license has expired.  In some cases you will not need to complete a training course and examination all over again.  The nursing aide registry board can help you to determine what to do should you find that your certification is no longer valid.

If your certification is valid, you will be able to request a new copy.  Usually it can be sent to your email address where you can print a copy.  Or you can have a hard copied mailed you to you directly at your home address.

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