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Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) has become ever growing and a most popular profession in recent days. The profession of choice for nursing professionals, the CNA has more duties and responsibilities in dealing with all types of patients. They assist the patients to have a bath, to take medication, feeding and carry out any other infection control procedure thereby improving the hygiene of the patient. Most CNAs are specifically trained in this segment.

cna classes

CNA trainees undergo practical learning and use clinical equipment such as syringes, thermometers and also. Some medical institutions and clinical nursing units provide both real-time and online training classes to all students.

Moreover the class-room training is the prime module of study for most CNAs. As it provides relevant lectures on basics in medical science. Training under classroom segment also includes audio-visual, hands-on demonstration under the supervision of experts. Patient care is another core factor in the coursework along with training classes and is carried out under the supervision of nursing staff and instructors. This could be done during the internship period as they learn the relevant skills required by certified nursing assistants.

As soon you complete the training program of a nursing assistant, you need to pass the examination. After you clear the examination, the individual will be awarded the certification and will be set for registration as a certified nursing assistant (CNA). He/she is then ready to search for an employment in a hospital, clinic or nursing home.

CNA Guide

Guide to CNA classes

If your prime goal is becoming a certified nursing assistant (CNA), then there are plenty of courses available online. As you might have various other things to do, going to work, personal obligations, family responsibilities, etc., this is the most flexible and favorite option available to pursue your dream of becoming a CNA. In addition, this is most cost effective, is convenient and a time-saving option for every individual.

You could be in a dilemma, as to whether an online program is a value-for-money form of education. You may also wonder if the course has any practical work to it and if you will get to learn on-the-job.

Therefore always get expert help and advice about the school prior to joining it, know whether your credits are applicable in other schools as well. Thus ensure you receive proper and accredited education under a valid CNA course.

  • First of all, ensure that you qualify the admission test pertaining to the chosen school of study.
  • Make sure that the school has been accredited through the National League Nursing Accredited Commission (NLNAC).
  • NLNAC accredits all streams of education in nursing science such as – associate, diploma, masters, practicum along with baccalaureate and clinical doctorate.
  • The courses with accreditation will be easily recognized by other schools and it really benefits if you plan to pursue higher education.
  • Even though the program of online education is quite easy, you must first consider the requirements of your state before certification.
  • For instance, if you are living in Florida and the exam you took for CNA certification is under Idaho law, ensure you meet the requirements of Florida on  priority, else if you plan to re-locate to Idaho then you can consider the requirements of Idaho.
  • Make note; every state is different with regards to training and time period of CNA test and certification along with the work environment so contact the concerned state nurse aide registry and / or state licensing board to know more about the requirement criterion.
  • Hands-on experience, is the prime factor under CNA for major accredited online schools. Learn the skills and techniques prior to securing employment; spend considerable time in local healthcare facilities to understand and learn the job role fully.
  • Online course programs are quite flexible, the course work and time duration is in the range of 2 weeks to 9 months depending on the time availability and flexibility of the individual.

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) must clear the examination to get the relevant certification and then search for employment opportunities in hospitals, clinics or nursing homes.

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