CNA Examination And Certification Renewal Process

The CNA Certificate renewal Process

The field of nursing and health care has seen so many changes and advancements over the past couple of decades. There is a rise in the number of diseases and health issues all over the world. The health care industry has seen so much of demand so far and will see more in the days to come. Today, people are going to any extent to get their diseases cured and problems resolved. The cost of quality health care has increased immensely. There is a huge demand for medical professionals as well as paramedics. In the article, let us throw some light on a CNA certification renewal.

CNA License

CNA stands for Certified Nursing Assistant. This is one of the most valued certifications for entering into the field of nursing. There are many ways to obtain a certification in nursing. The training programs may vary from place to place and state to state. The duration of the course depends on where you are willing to do the course. If you want to opt for a training program in a health care establishment, you may complete it in a span of a few weeks while it you have to be trained in a college, it may go up to several months following which you will be offered a certificate. A Certified Nursing Assistant has immense value in the medical field and professionals with this certification are in demand everywhere.

The course will have both theoretical as well as practical sessions. After the training is over, there are two exams that the candidate needs to pass. One is a theory exam while the other is a practical test which checks your ability to effectively face real world work situations and operate effectively in a clinical setting.

Let us now look at both the examinations.

  • Theoretical Test
  • Practical Test

Usually, the theory test is taken before the practical one and the candidate should have diverse knowledge about the field and about how to use his skills and abilities to succeed. The questions asked in this theory exam are simple and related to what you have learnt in the classroom. To be able to be competent enough and get used to the questions, he or she may check themselves with the various practice tests that are available online. Various websites host these programs and people are free to choose the one that suits them.

Now, coming to the practical exam, the candidate will be under the observation of an examiner. There are around four or five tests in which the examiner will test the candidate in various aspects of nursing like, cleanliness, hygiene and looking after the patient patiently, using various medical devices and highly sophisticated equipment.

It will take 15 days after writing the exam, for a candidate to receive his certification. The State Licensing Board, initially after the course completion gives a temporary certificate, to the candidate and then after a few days issues an original certificate. In some states the license or certificate is valid for one year while in some it is valid for two years.

Now the question is: How to renew the CNA Certification? 

There is a renewal form that needs to be filled in by the candidate and sent to the corresponding state authorities. It takes at least two weeks for the renewal process. If the candidate has not worked in any health care facility in the past two years, he or she is supposed to take the re-certification exam. There is an application fee that needs to be paid to the licensing authorities. This will usually be half the original amount paid for the initial certification. In some states like Alaska the licensing authorities need valid documents for 160 hours of paid work in order to renew the license. All CNA certified candidates are notified about the renewal through their mailing address. This is the reason why, candidates need to keep their updated addresses and contact information with the licensing board failing which the license could expire permanently. A renewal reminder is sent to the candidate six days before the original license will expire. Now there are two ways of renewing the license. It can be done through online payment system or through the local registration office. It is observed that more than 50% of renewals are done online.

6 thoughts on “CNA Examination And Certification Renewal Process

    • Due to same misunderstanding on how to distribute the necessary CEU’s i need to retake the exam for CNA this year.How and where can i do that in San Diego, Ca.Thanks.

  1. I would like to know if you have not had your certificate renewed for a while do you have to retake the whole course over.

    • i called the cna registry and they told me i just had to retest in and not take any classes so idk maybe try to call the registry give them your social and they will let u know what u need to do

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