CNA insurance

Most of the certified nursing assistant does not realize the importance of having their own CNA insurance. As the front line of the medical professional, a CNA would spend most of the time dealing with patients, physicians, nurses, and other healthcare personnel. It is quite common that a certified nursing assistant would need to make major decision for the patient during emergency, although most of the time the decision might not be that critical. Hence it is advisable for CNA to get their own insurance to protect and cover themselves with potential liability if there is any unexpected accident happened to the patients. The insurance would cover the CNA from any major financial loss or other legal obligation.

Does Your Employer Provide CNA Insurance?

Another important thing to figure out is to make sure that your employer provides you CNA insurance coverage. If you are under employment of government hospital or reputable healthcare institution, they normally would cover all their medical staff and employees with related insurance policy. This is very important to protect yourself in any case if you are sued by the patient or their family member over a certain claims. In standard practice, the hospital legal department will help you to handle and assess the claim and settle any potential litigation on your behalf, saving tons of your precious time and money.

However there are some cases where things might not be that straightforward. If you are working for agency or small company that has regular change of management, it is better to double check with them the insurance policy. There are cases where employees are not covered by the company or not sufficiently insured causing them to lose a lump sum of money in law suit and court litigation. Alternatively, you might consider getting additional personal insurance to prevent being sued by any work related malpractice. This would provide additional coverage to protect your personal interest.

What does you CNA Insurance cover?

Merely having insurance is not good enough to protect you from financial loss or court litigation. A certified nursing assistant would also need to find out the coverage and the detailed policy included in the insurance. For instant, most of the CNA insurance would provide professional liability coverage, meaning the CNA would be protected from any lawsuit against malpractice. Unexpected incident often happen in medical field, and even the most experience medical professional would be in the risk being sued for any negligence, ended up paying thousands of dollar or even in jail.

Hence, it is always important to have sufficient level of insurance coverage to protect your reputation and professionalism at work, to avoid paying unnecessary attorney fees and liability damages. Having good policy insurance would provide you peace of mind developing your CNA career in healthcare industry. It is high recommended that all certified nursing assistant to get insurance for their long run career benefit.

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