CNA Job Description

The job description of a Certified Nursing Assistant covers a pretty wide range of duty, including most of the direct patient cares and indirect medical related responsibilities. A CNA plays a crucial intermediary role between the medical professional and the patient to provide all the necessary support in an integral healthcare team. This article aims to share with you some of the job routine of a typical Certified Nursing Assistant to provide an overview of CNA jobs.

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Although the task of a CNA might vary across different department and facility center, most of them would be performing essential and indispensable routine for the patients, summarized as below:

  • Taking vitals of the patient, including the pulse rate, respiration rate, blood pressure and body temperature. Although it might seems repetitious at times, it is crucial to ensure that the patient’s condition is closely monitored and recorded without being deviated from the healthy normal range.
  • A CNA might need to accompany the patient 3 times per day on a telemetry floor, and follow up closely with the post-surgical patient according to the standard medical protocol.
  • Performing standard body measurement such as body weight, height, and record them.
  • Assisting patient with their daily routine whenever they need help, including brushing teeth, bathing, feeding, toileting, dressing, assisting patients entering and leaving beds, and answer their call lights. These are some of the most demanding and tedious part of the job, and it really requires a lot of patient and care to the patient.
  • Dealing with medical equipment and tools to assist patient such as bladder scanner, IPC devices, as well as transferring patient from bed to chair to transport from department to department.
  • Monitoring and reporting the patient’s condition to physician and nurse to ensure and maintain their optimal health.

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A CNA would need to be observant enough to notice some of the abnormality either though the verbal or non-verbal cue from the patient, make swift decision for further medical intervention. The main goal is to eliminate any potential hazard to the patient to avoid any accident.

CNA Job Description | Daily Routine

On top of the daily physical routine role, a certified nursing assistant would need to be people oriented person to care and understand the patient’s situation. A Certified Nursing Assistant would need to imagine himself or herself in the shoes of the patient and assess the need of the patient to provide best service for the patient. For example, you would need to ask the patient whether they need anything, whether they feel too warm or too cool, and ensure that they are emotionally stable and healthy.

Another key CNA job description of is to communicate with other healthcare personnel in an effective manner and avoid any potential misunderstanding and error in treatment. Hence, a CNA need to be detailed-oriented person trained in reporting, documentation, and communication. Find out more about CNA Training, CNA Certification, and Accelerated Nursing Program.

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