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The average CNA salary of a Certified Nursing Assistant is another frequently asked question by most of the people. Without requiring too much of time and money investment in education and training, CNA is properly another career direction that you might want to consider for high potential of annual income. Research has shown that CNA, ultrasound techs and phlebotomy technicians in healthcare industry is least affected the economy crisis, despite the high unemployment rate in United States.

CNA Salary Information

Still not convinced? Becoming a certified nursing assistant is one of the most common ways for majority to step into the healthcare and medical industry. For those that who would like to enter into the medical or healthcare industry, but do not wish to spend tons of money and time in college, CNA might be your considerable career option if you like to deal with patient. Well let’s take a look at the salary of a CNA now. So how much does a CNA earn?

“According to the survey research published by U.S National Income average, a 68% professional CNA can earn between the ranges of $25,000 to $31,000 after a few months of training.”

Based on 2012 data from, wages for any licensed nurse assistant (Certified nursing assistant) vary from $19,000 to $37,000 or even more, depending where you reside and work. A beginning hourly rate for any Certified nursing assistant is usually between $9 to $12 each hour. The more you’re employed within the area, the greater you get. CNAs with under a year’s experience earn $9 to $11 each hour CNAs with 10 years experience earn $10 to $13 each hour CNA’s with two decades or even more of expertise can earn $15 or even more each hour.

cna salry info

CNAs operate in hospitals, nursing facilities, aided living and mental health facilities, in addition to private houses. The salary for any licensed nurse assistant can differ based on where she or he works and the kind of care she or he provides. Based on, the typical earnings of a Certified nursing assistant working in a correctional facility is $26,000 the typical earnings of a Certified nursing assistant concentrating in lengthy-term care is $37,000 the typical earnings of a Certified nursing assistant your hospital is $33,000.

As already mentioned, Certified nursing assistant salaries also change from condition to condition. The earnings of a Certified nursing assistant employed in California and New You varies from $21,000 to $36,000.The salary for any Certified nursing assistant employed in Florida is $20,000 to $33,000.The salary for any Certified nursing assistant employed in Texas is $19,000 to $30,000 along with a Certified nursing assistant employed in the condition of Georgia makes an $18,000 to $27,000 annually.

State Wise Salary Distribution Chart:



As the salaries aren’t the greatest, work like a Certified nursing assistant could be rewarding, specifically if you are somebody that grows fastest on helping people and creating a difference within their lives. A Certified nursing assistant career can also be a great way to get the feet in to some promising career in other parts of nursing or any other fields in this sort of profession altogether. Work like a Certified nursing assistant offers lots of chance for advancement. It’s all dependent on what your job goals and objectives are. You’d be your area that’s very popular and many likely is going to be for many years, since individuals will always need health care.


Factors That Affect CNA Salary

What are some of the important factors that influence the salary of a CNA? This includes:

  • Number of the united states ageing population with health concern
  • Relative job availability in healthcare sectors and hospital
  • Relative amount of certified nursing assistant in the job market
  • Relative working experience of the certified nursing assistant

The bottom line is: Being a certified nursing assistant can be a pretty rewarding career if you really enjoy working with people and sincerely care for the need of other. You would have the opportunity to interact and learn from various medical professional including physicians, consultant and many more. Monetary salary reward is still secondary.

Most of the certified nursing assistant would further pursue a nursing degree after a few years of working experience in the medical industry. Starting as a CNA would offers you a golden opportunity to learn and actively involved in the healthcare environment, and serve as a stepping stone for future career progression in nursing industry. The average CNA salary would be sufficient to support your financial need at the same time a good learning platform. Is certainly a rewarding career that you would be proud to work in.


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  1. CNA’S 393,00 needed in the USA BY 2016 AVERAGE SALARIES ;$24,000-$41,000 DEPEDING on wher e you live Cal,New York more cost of living….:)

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