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Pursuing a career in the medical field, especially in the nursing category has become increasingly popular among people. Many people like to start off their career by passing the CNA State Certification exam to become a full-fledged CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant). CNAs are nurse’s aides and they provide direct routine patient care on a day to day basis. This is a fulfilling profession as you get to help patients and you are also an important member of a healthcare team.

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In order to practice the profession of a CNA, the candidate has to successfully clear the CNA State Certification exam. This exam is conducted in two parts; which is a written test and a practical test. To prepare for the CNA State Certification exam, it is important to enroll oneself in a good CNA training program. There are many training programs available which are conducted by either community colleges, hospitals, nursing homes or also the Red Cross. Having received a good training the candidate definitely has a better chance at successfully clearing the exam.

The CNA State Certification exam is so named because it is conducted by the State Board of Nursing. Each state has its own State Board of Nursing and the laws governing the syllabus and the exam will differ from state to state. The candidate is awarded a license to practice the CNA profession on successfully clearing this exam. Hence the candidate has to take the Certification exam of that particular state in which he proposes to work as a CNA.

Usually the  exam is held for a group of candidates. The written test is for two hours and comprises of one hundred questions of multiple choice type. The written test will check your competency on topics like testing procedures, monitoring patients, certain laboratory procedures and record keeping.

The practical test will check the candidate’s competency in actual skills in patient care.  Certification exam requires the candidate to come along with a helper who will pose as a patient while they demonstrate their different skill sets. The candidate is asked to perform tasks like moving the patient from the bed to a wheel chair, dressing the patient and also is asked to demonstrate certain procedures that are to be followed in emergency situations.

The Certification exam is comprehensive and will make sure that the candidate is ready for taking up the responsibility of a CNA.

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