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CNA – Certified nursing assistant is also called as patient care assistant or health care assistant. These professionals play a vital role in health care domain who works under the supervision of licensed registered nurses and doctors. They usually get employment in medical centers, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, home settings and patient care centers. Anyone looking to work as a certified nursing assistant must pass the certification exam conducted by American Nursing Assistant Board.


To get this certification the individual must undergo training in nursing assistance certification. It is compulsory to complete this training to perform well in the certification exam. This training can be obtained by the individual through online classes or community colleges. Online training is very flexible for the student to learn as per his/her convenience. Online training courses curriculum differs according to the state in U.S where their duration ranges from a few weeks to months.

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This certification training program is also provided by community colleges and health care facilities but the training is quite expensive. Hence, very few individuals prefer this mode of training. And training offered in few health care facilities are free but the individual must agree to a contract set by the hospital management.

Some online training courses include hands-on training as part of its curriculum to expose the student on real-time practices followed in hospitals and medical centers. This online CNA training program has other names such as CNA-2, nurse aides and patient care technicians where advanced topics and procedures are covered.

Skills necessary:

  • It is important for the individual who desires to become a nursing assistant to have basic understanding of the concepts in nursing assistance.
  • Excellent written and oral skills are compulsory.
  • Must be flexible to work during weekends and nights to serve patients.
  • One of the primary skills required is a high degree of patience to provide care for patients.
  • Ability to understand patient needs.
  • Must be very enthusiastic and passionate about the job profile.

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Specializations in CNA:

Some of the common specializations that these professionals normally prefer are intensive care or emergency room, geriatrics, acute care, elder care, surgery, medicine and telemetry. An individual based on his/her self interest can select one among these. Mostly every one prefer to choose intensive care unit or emergency room since, the scope for growth and development is high and compared with other specializations nursing assistants who work in emergency rooms are paid high salaries per hour.

Benefits of CNA training Online:

CNA training Online has many advantages such as:

  • Flexible timings to learn
  • Training charges are very cheap
  • Easiest way to open doors of a medical field career
  • Online classes are very short and are not monotonous
  • Can listen to online classes as per the individual interest and convenience
  • A very good knowledge on all theoretical and practical’s in nursing assistance is obtained by the individual
  • An individual can continue or discontinue training as per his/her interest

Disadvantages of Online CNA Training:

  • Major disadvantage of the online CNA training program is that the student cannot experience live interaction with the patient.
  • For a nursing assistant it is compulsory to have regular interaction with the patient to understand the requirements.
  • In an online training course a student can just observe the vital signs on the patient such as temperature and physical condition of the patient.
  • Individuals who undergo training in community colleges and health care facilities have excellent practical experience in all functions followed in nursing assistance.
  • Students can interact and perform all nursing assistance duties in a classroom training session.
  • Students who pursue their training via health care facilities are provided with internships in the same hospital after completion of their training.
  • Students who cannot spend a lot of money for classroom and community colleges can select online training program to enter the medical field.

Certification Exam:

After completion of the training the individual must be prepared to give an exam in nursing assistance to obtain the certification degree which is very important to get employment in popular industries of health care.

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