How to become a CNA?

CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) is a good option for those who are interested in nursing. It is one of the leading professions which offer easy and quick employment opportunity. There are several ways for an individual to become a certified nurse aide (CAN).

how to become a CNA

First Option: One of them is to apply for a nurse aide course provided by community colleges. In community colleges, the duration of the course extends for two academic years in general.

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Second Option: Those, who cannot go for community colleges, can apply for specialized schools.

Third Option: When above mentioned two options are out of reach for an applicant, he or she can go for training program at a care facility or nursing facility. In general, such programs extend for long periods.

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Following are some of the important general instructions to be followed by an aspirant, who aspires to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).

  • The aspirant should start collecting information about the CNS schools and colleges in the surrounding localities.
  • Apart from CNS schools and colleges, the aspirant should also collect information about the community colleges, which offer a CNA training program.
  • The aspirant should make use of Internet to the maximum possible extent in order to collect adequate information about the course and colleges.

(One should remember here that no other source is reliable, dynamic and helpful as Internet).

  • When an aspirant decides to join a particular nursing school or college, she should directly contact them. It is advisable for her to gather required information and get all her queries clarified by the counselors working in the organization which she has chosen or at least planning to join.
  • Most of nursing schools and colleges conduct information sessions or counseling on a periodical basis.
  • Such sessions and counseling provide the aspirants with additional information.
  • The duration and price of the program vary from every nursing school and college.
  • The employability of the certification to vary from every nursing school, according to its reputation in the industry.
  • In some of the organizations, they expect aspirants to posses at least a High School diploma or GED. However, in most of the schools and colleges, they do not expect the candidates to possess High School Diploma. Hence, it is advisable for an aspirant to know about the requirements and educational qualifications to join the course.
  • The aspirant should know such requirements in advance.
  • However, the candidate should know how to read, write and speak in English.
  • Some organizations conduct TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education) in order to test the linguistic and mathematical skills of their aspirants and to grade them.
  • In general, the aspirants can receive free training in case they accept to work at the organization as Certified Nurse Associate for a minimum period of one year.
  • The aspirant should also know the age requirement required to join the course.
  • In some nursing colleges, the age requirement to become a nurse aide is 18. However, there are good many schools which offer training to their students at the age of just sixteen year.
  • Though certification is not mandatory in several organization, one should remember here that the certification is an indicator of one’s commitment towards the profession.
  • One can possess the certification only after passing an examination conducted by the nursing school or college.
  • Even after gaining the certification, the certified person has to renew it once in every 5 years.
  • Otherwise, the certification becomes invalid.
  • Such renewals are an indicator of the fact that the person is involved in continuous updating and even learning process.  It also ensures that the individual, who passed the renewal test, has the potential ability required to discharge her duties.
  • Though mandatory, the certificate also assures that the candidate is qualified person to discharge her duties.
  • It is an indicator that the candidate possesses predetermined standards.
  • The certification enhances the employment opportunities of an individual and it also enables the candidate to get recruited by a prestigious organization rather than a smaller one.
  • It confirms the knowledge and skill levels of the candidate.
  • The certification makes an individual distinguished from other nurse aides, who are not qualified and who do not possess any training certifications.

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