How to Find Free CNA Training

There are numerous classes available for those who want to be a CNA, or certified nursing assistant. There are some classes that ask you to pay a fee in order to obtain your certification. Luckily, there are also classes available that require no payment at all. By searching on the internet, you will instantly be directed to several websites with businesses and schools that offer free CNA training.

free cna training

Many businesses offer CNA classes for free because they are in need of nursing assistants. These business are hospitals, nursing care facilities, etc. Grants are also available from The Workforce and Continuing Education Department for those who are seventeen to twenty-one years of age, have a low income, and are out of school. This grant covers the course, as well as transportation, uniforms, and possibly even daycare. This grant goes to qualified individuals only, so unfortunately it is not available to everyone. There is also a similar scholarship available called the CNA/HHA Scholarship Program.

Free CNA training may also be given at regional occupation programs. Search for these programs in your local area to see if they are available and if they are free. If they are not free, they are usually given at a low price. Also, there are some hospitals that have a contract with schools so that they schools can provide free classes for those who are interested.

Call local CNA schools to see if they offer any classes for free, including the ones that can be taken online. For those aspiring to be a CNA, finding a free CNA training class may be slightly difficult. Because of the increase in demand for these workers, businesses have decided to offer the class for a fee. This fee normally ranges anywhere from $800 to $1200, so you can see why the demand for free classes and training is so high. This may discourage some potential CNA’s, but for those who are truly dedicated to become a nursing assistant, persistence is key. If you cannot find any institution that is offering classes in a facility, try looking for places that are offering it online. You are more likely to find free classes online, because it does not require an instructor or a room.

A search online will lead you to more information about where, specifically, you can find free CNA training and courses in your area. If you look hard enough, you will find what you are looking for.

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