Information on CNA Certification

CNA stands for Certified Nurse Aide. Certified Nurse Aides, who are popularly referred to as CNA, provides patients with direct care. They are also referred to as nursing assistants. It enables the patients to carry on their day to day activities. As a part of their duty, Certified Nurse Aides have to collect vital signs. They have to make or help the patients get bath. They should also dress the patients and feed them on timely basis.

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They have to make an enquiry about the problems of the patients and try to solve the problems to the maximum possible extent. They should help them in ambulating and in providing them with minimum possible comforts. In general, nurse aides work in different places such as rehabilitation centers, hospitals, nursing homes, and adult day care facilities.

Certified Nursing Aides (CNAs) enjoy good demand in the United States of America and the demand is expected to continue even during coming years too. They enjoy higher degree of job security compare to several other professions. In a health team, the CNAs is an intermediary between the registered nurse and the patient. In every state in the United States of America, a Certified Nurse Aide (CAN) is supposed to work according to the guidelines of a Registered Nurse. The average initial annual salary of Certified Nurse Aides (CANs) in the United States of America is USD 26,000.

The aspirant who wants to become a Certified Nurse Aides (CANs) should study a nurse aide course whose duration is two years in general. Otherwise, they should undergo a nurse aide training program at a nursing facility. The applicants, who wish to apply for the course, can get required information by visiting the official website of various schools and colleges, who have been conducting training programs in certified nursing. Those nursing schools offer various degrees and diplomas in nursing.

The nursing schools and colleges too conduct the information sessions on periodical basis (in general, once in every quarter). For such programs, they invite students, who are interested in nurse aide training programs.  It is advisable for the aspirant to attend such sessions and there, they get your queries clarified by the college staff. By attending such programs, the aspirants can know more about the programs which are related to specific Certified Nursing Associate profession.

The fee and duration of programs vary from every program. Some colleges even provide job assistance facility after the completion of the program. In most of the schools and colleges which are providing training for Certified Nurse Aides, it is not mandatory for the aspirants to have a GED or High School Diploma. It is sufficient for them to have good reading, writing and speaking skills in English.

However, in some of the nursing schools and colleges, it is mandatory for the aspirants to have at least a High School Diploma or Degree in order to get admission into the Certified Nursing Aide programs. However, they should have minimum level of knowledge in mathematics.   Some of the nursing schools conduct TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education) test for the aspirants in order to test their English and mathematical skills. In several organizations, the colleges provide candidates free Certified Nursing Associate training program in case they accept to work at the organization for at least one year.

Age requirement: The age requirement and age limitation vary from every organization. In the United States of America, there are several High Schools that offer nurse aide training to young girls, who are as young as 16 year old. However, most of nursing schools and colleges expect their students to be at least 18 year old.

In case you want to pursue your nursing certification program in the United States of America, there are good many nursing schools and colleges. However, in case you want to pursue the same course in Canada, the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) alone offers the nursing certification program in Canada.

CNA certification is required by a nurse aide to be recognized as Certified Nurse Aide. The certification programs are featured by tests and exams. The certified registered nurses should renew their nursing aide certification once in every five years. They should prove their competency in a particular nursing specialty. They should possess certain standards, which are predetermined. The certification is an indication that a particular individual is certified to work as Certified Nursing Associate. Employers prefer to hire the certified nurses and thus, the certification enhances the employability of a candidate. Renew of certification assures that the aspirant is updated and is current. It ensures that the aspirant is a person with the continuous learning attitude.

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