Red Cross CNA Certification Course

The benefit of CNA Certification from the Red Cross :

Red Cross CNA training is renowned for its high quality and superb training programme and is recommended by many in the nursing profession including many nursing assistants who passed their certification exam with the Red Cross.

Naturally Red Cross CNA training complies with all the required federal requirements, and each states individual requirements will also be covered by the relevant states Red Cross CNA training programme. The Red Cross programmes include all plenty of hands on experience, usually in a hospital setting, and ensure a sufficient amount of studies hours are completed by each student to ensure the best possible chance of passing the CNA exam.

The classrooms provided by the Red Cross for training students are incredibly well equipped, comprising of hospital beds, lifts, wheelchairs right down to the bed pans and tissues.

The Red Cross has spent a long time building a solid reputation that is rarely equalled by other CNA training facilities, and they make a point of ensuring their programmes encompass every element of a nursing assistants day to day activities while also preparing students in record time for their exam, it is not unheard of for Red Cross CNA students to have passed their CNA exam in under 3 months from the point of beginning their training, a time-frame that puts them well ahead of most other CNA training establishments.

There is of course a downside and that is cost, while there may be some placement based free training options available, and cheaper courses from other suppliers, the Red Cross programmes usually run at well over $1000, so if money is an issue for you then you may find this is not the course for you. Though the training fees will normally include the cost of the exams too, something other programmes may charge additionally.

While paying a sizable amount for the course might not suit you, it does have its benefits, such is the high regard with which the Red Cross CNA programmes are held, it is not uncommon to find employers giving preference to candidates who have completed the Red Cross CNA training above others who may have passed their exam through other courses, this in itself should make you consider the Red Cross programmes as a serious option if you can afford it.

The health care industry has grown so much over the past couple of decades. The need of various health professionals is always there in the market today. While there is a high demand for experts like physicians, surgeons and other specialists, there is also an increasing demand for medical support staff like nurses. This article will talk about the facts you should know about the CNA certification.

Red Cross CNA Certification

CNA stands for Certified Nurse Assistant or Certified Nurse Aide. The most known route to get into a CNA training program is through the Red Cross Society. More than half of the states in the country of United States, offer nursing assistant training programs through the Red Cross. These programs are highly valued by all health-care establishments as they comply with high standards and industry requirements.

If you are willing to take the Red Cross route to become a CNA, you can enquire about the program in your state and you will understand that the programs slightly differ from state to state. The state specific requirements are unique and are met as per the local laws and regulations. The whole program structure may vary from state to state and candidate to candidate, in the number of study hours and period of hands-on training. What works in one state may not work in other states. Some states require an additional fifty hours of training in order to complete the program. The training program may include lectures in the class room, lab sessions, practical training at various hospitals and clinics under experts. The work hours may differ from organization to organization.

Usually, the Red Cross training for CNA will be conducted in specially designed class rooms with all the medical equipment like beds, wheelchairs, bed pans, Hoyer lifts and other sophisticated and hygienic equipment.  All these things will give the candidate a real world feel and he or she will be intensely trained in dealing with patients, moving them from beds and wheel chairs, recording the patient’s health improvement day by day, dental care, and personal hygiene and submitting reports to the higher authorities or the attending doctors.

One thing that most individuals like about a certification program from the Red Cross is that, it is fast paced while still being very detailed and comprehensive. Usually, it takes more than six months to complete a similar course for a Certified Nursing Assistant. But through the Red Cross Society, the program may be completed in just a matter of a few weeks and after a short span of two months, the candidate will be able to enter any health care organization as a nursing assistant.

There are around 25 areas where a candidate needs to specialize before writing the final theoretical and practical exams. However, nothing comes free of cost. When we talk about quality training there is obviously a good cost involved. It will cost a maximum of two thousand dollars for a candidate to enroll for the Red Cross Certified Nursing Assistant Program and complete it with a certificate at the end.

This is considered to be a worthy investment by many as the program is conducted by highly qualified professionals and with sophisticated infrastructure along with real world hands-on experience. One needs to renew the certificate once in twenty four months, that is, two years. There may be regular updates and addition of various elements to the course structure every year.

Now you have an idea of how a CNA training program through Red Cross will be. However, you are free to do a research and check which is best for you and proceed accordingly.

There are many other certification programs both regular and online for Certified nursing Assistants through various universities, colleges and hospitals. The need for certified nurses is always there and if you are really keen in entering into the field, you may consult some professionals that you know in the medical field and do some research online. You will gain so much of knowledge on the various options available to you within and outside of your state of residence.

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  1. I am very interested in becoming a group home CNA . I am from RI and would love to know where I could take a course . I am from RI .


  2. I am inquiring where can I take CNA classes. I have a certificate only but I would like to take the state test for license.

  3. I would like to know the nearest red cross society that teach the cna course. I live in the Lawrenceville area zip code 30045, GA

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