Top Ten Schools and Colleges for CNA Training

CNA is the abbreviation of Certified Nursing Assistant. The individuals planning to kick start their career in health care industry can take up CNA certification. The CNA certified person works for the licensed physician, medical practitioners or doctors and help them in carrying out their operations. The responsibilities of the CNA vary with the hospital setting.  The CNA has an important role to play in speed recovery of the patient.

CNA Schools

The various responsibilities of the certified nursing assistant are:

  • Recording the vital signs of the patients
  • Carryout some basic medical procedures
  • Help the patients to take bath
  • Help them in changing dress and take them for a walk
  • Answering the phone calls
  • Delivering messages to the physician
  • Monitor the patients and record the changes in the patient and enter them in the case sheet
  • Collect several types of samples that include blood samples, urine sample and direct them to testing laboratory
  • Feeding patients on time
  • Monitoring the amount of food intake by the patient

There are several colleges, schools and universities that offer CNA certification course to the desired aspirants.  But we have the top 10 colleges, then why to choose the average training school. There are more than 900 training schools that offer CNA training to the individuals in the United States.

Based on the ratings, infrastructure, faculty, placement and necessary facilities the top 10 CNA training schools are listed below:

Washington University:

The Washington University is situated in the Seattle, America. According to the survey and the report of the US news, the school was rated as the top one for providing best training programs. The university even offers graduate degree, master’s degree and PhD programs. They make use of the advanced technology and recruit qualified staff to offer quality training.

California University:

The university is situated in San Francisco. And it offers wide variety of medical related courses that includes CNA training. The university mainly focuses on the research and offers quality training to enhance their knowledge level and help them in getting job in repute hospital or health care center. This college was rated as the top college for its efficient training and placement.

Pennsylvania University:

It is a private school located in the Philadelphia. And every year around 25,000 candidates enroll for various training programs. It offers nursing degree in various fields that include gerontology, family health, pediatrics, mental care and women health care. The Pennsylvania University was rated as number one nursing school in the year 2011.

Cincinnati University:

The university was established in the year 1819. It has achieved good reputation in the previous years and offers many careers in the nursing field. They offer postgraduate degree programs, master’s degree and MS in women health. The enrollment for these courses is to be done via online.

John Hopkins University:

It is the oldest school that offers nursing programs and it is located in Baltimore. Several publications in United States as ranked the universities in the top 10 reputed nursing schools. Every year 800 students register for several courses in the university. They provide CNA certification course, Master degree in Nursing (MSN), and Bachelor’s degree in Nursing (BSN) programs to the applicants.

Michigan University:

This university is situated in the An Arbor, United States. It provided nursing programs classified into three categories. The first division provides acute critical and long care programs. The second division provides risk reduction health programs. The third division offers health system related programs. Many individuals get placed in reputed hospitals after the course.

North Carolina University:

The university located in the Chapel Hill, North Carolina. This university offers many courses in nursing. They provide both theoretical and practical classes to the individuals.

University of Western Governors:

This nursing school is sited at Salt Lake City, United States. The university offers several online nursing and the class training nursing programs. The university is recognized by the Northwest Commission of Nursing Schools. The nursing courses provided by the university are bachelor’s degree in nursing, bachelor’s degree in health informatics, master’s degree, nursing management and MBA in health management.

Illinois University:

It is recognized as the largest medical school and it is situated at Chicago. It offers CNA certification courses and degree programs in various fields of medical science that include health systems, behavioral and family health.

Pittsburgh University:

The university offers nursing courses since 1939. Around 94% of students trained at this university are placed in famous hospitals. The training programs are offered in the nurse practitioner and clinical nurse field.

It is suggested for the individual to choose one of the above listed universities to acquire efficient nurse training and good placement opportunities.

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